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Reel Stands

These heavy duty Reel Stands make handling of paper reels easy, efficient and effective for further operations.

Heavy duty Reel Stands

1.5 Meter Reel Stand

1 Meter Reel Stand

1 Meter Reel Stand (Manual)

Shaftless Reel Stand (Mechanical)


  • Motorized paper roll clamping, up & down, left & right movement.
  • Up & down, left & right movement can be done hydraulically (Optional).
  • Loading and unloading of roll is done without stopping the Automatic Board Plant Line.
  • Symmetrical structure with two paper rolls loading capacity.
  • Paper roll clamped by inside expanding type center to avoid the deformation of the roll resulting in reduction of waste of the paper. (Optional)
  • Pneumatic, magnetic power brake or expansion chop as options.

Technical Data

  Model   Specification
  Reel diameter   350 mm upto 1520 mm
  Weight of paper reel   Max. 4.0 T
  Reel width   Min. 600 mm
  Core diameter   100 mm