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This new heavvy duty sheet cutter from Sun-Up is quick to set, operator friendly and requires little maintenance


  • A fixed blade and a rotary blade make cutting smooth and accurate .

  • Cutting length can be changed on Touch Screen. Users can set any paperboard length at certain range.

  • The pulling main roller is rubber coated to avoid slippage in pulling of paper or 2ply inner .

  • Digital Counter for counting . Stackers available.

  • One Piece Conveyor Belt . Thin Edge Slitting Cutters

  • Complete machine on timing pulley & Belts .

Technical Data

  Model   Specification
  Models available   Gear type / Servo NC Controlled
  Machine sizes   24" to 90"
  Cutting size   450mm to 5000mm
  Operated by Control Panel
  Supply Voltage   440V. 3 phase